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You will receive an easy to install Tracking Device, an activated Sim Card all registered to our UK Tracking server.

Unlike other tracking suppliers, we made the decision to host our own tracking server. This means your data is stored locally, and not sent to a Chinese or Indian server.

We are a UK based business, and very proud of it!

This device requires some wiring knowledge, but with the included instructions, should be easy for most with a basic knowledge to install.

Once the device is installed, simply use the mobile app, or web portal provided, with a user name and password provided.

We will send the username and password to an email address you provide. Please send the email address as a note on your payment.

The LMC Way

Super Easy Installation

Devices provided by us, are really easy to install. Our devices require some wiring knowledge, but with the included instructions, should be easy for most with a basic knowledge to install.

1000’s of supported devices

If you already have your own device, that is not a problem! We can transfer your device to our service, saving you time & money! Our service supports thousands of different tracking devices, whether they are budget Chinese options, or high end options costing hundreds of pounds!.

LMC Tracking Interface

We utilise modern fully-featured web interface with both desktop and mobile-friendly layouts. We also provide native mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Tracking Features & Services

Real-time Live Tracking

Live Tracking: Track the location of your tracking devices in your vehicle, people, mobile or asset in real time on our efficient interface


Geofencing – The ability to set a safe area for your vehicle to be recognised in. Receive alerts as soon as the vehicle leaves the designated safe area

Notifications & Alerts

Mobile messages or email alerts for important events such as speeding, SOS, ignition, movement and much more.

Historic Reports

LMC Tracking supports simple location history, trip, chart and summary reports. You can view data directly in the web or mobile app and also export and download an Excel file. History can also be projected on the map providing visual representation.

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